Special Events


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Special Events and Exciting City Tours

Our limos are not just limited to wedding ceremonies, parties, corporate travel or airport transfer. We will reach out to you for any occasion that requires transportation. You can even rent a sophisticated event limo in FL for city tours and other special events such as concretes, casino trips, and others from us. Rest assured, you shall receive our finest facilities for any kinds of occurrences and transfer events.

Sporting Event Limo, FL

Prepare yourself for a comfortable and luxurious limo ride when you travel to support your favorite team here in Orlando. Who is playing now? Is it Orlando Magic or Miami Heat? Whoever is playing, if you want to join the game and cheer for your team, then you can do that in a more unconventional way with our sports event limo in Florida. Hire our limo services from us and experience this yourself.

Event Limo for Concerts, Theatre, and Musical Shows

Whether it’s a classical show, a theater play, or a hard rock concert night, if you require a transportation medium then we are here for you in Orlando. Roll up like a VIP just like the celebrities and become a part of the show in style. With us, you do not have to worry about parking either.

Event Limo Florida City Tours

Is this your first time in Orlando? Do you want to go on a city tour? Then, contact Mercado transportation for any transportation services. We will take you to your desired destination in our stylish and luxurious SUVs and Stretch Limos. This region is very prominent for its resorts, theme parks and other similar attraction. Now, you can travel to each and every one of these places in comfort and amenity. Our chauffeurs are familiar with all the well-known destinations, exotic places, and magnificent sceneries of this region. Some of these places include:


  • Universal Studios
  • Sea World Orlando
  • Walt Disney Resort
  • Gatorland
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Kraken
  • Aquatica and many more

Limo Ride For Dinner and Romantic Events

Don’t you want to make your partner feel how special they are? Then hire an event limo service for dinner or take him/ her for a romantic date with our lavish event limo in Florida. With a relaxing ride filled with soft beverages and other exclusive facilities, you can reach your dining spot and enjoy your time to the fullest. Rent a limo in Orlando and feel the indulgence of your special events.

Night Outs Event Limo

Are you planning on a special night out or a get-together party? We can handle all your “night outs” and parties transportation needs. You can rent a limo in Orlando from us and enjoy a great night ahead with your friends or family. Our limousines are filled with soft beverages and other high-tech amenities like stereos and a lighting system which will help you brighten up your mood. If you are visiting several places, then it’s totally fine with us. We will make certain that you reach your destination and your home back on time and in style.

Event Limo for Cruise Transportation in Orlando, FL

We also offer our limousine rental services in Orlando for any cruise transportation too. Why deal with traffic and parking problems yourself when we can take care of all of these things? If you are late for your ship then our experienced drivers will drive you through various other shorter routes and make the stop in time.

Event Limo for Funerals

We want to be a part of your joyful moments and also your bitter moments. This is why we also provide transportation facilities for funerals too. We will safely carry you and your family and other guests to and from the funeral service.

Shopping Limousines in Orlando

Now, shopping will be more comfortable and fun with Mercado Transportation. If you are shopping in a group and for special occasions, then do not worry about your comfort and class. We will take care of it. In addition to this, we will also handle the parking problems.